SAN FRANCISCO-Intel introduces new chip concept of lines of computer procesing unit (CPU). Hardware giant chip demonstrating the future, with a single chip using 48-core.
By the developers at Intel, these processors is a product of generations of laptops in the future, these experimental chips which could enable future generations of laptops to “see” just as we humans see the world through our eyes. So that was launched PC World, Friday (4/12/2009).

Intel engineers stutter this chip will support cloud computing. Because the chip with 48-core uses 125 watts of electricity at their maximum performance, the arrival of these chips can be said a new era of energy-efficient laptops, data centers are smaller, making cloud computing cheaper and more portable.

Applications for this chip includes fast image processing, allowing for new methods of interacting with a computer with a camera, not with the keyboard or mouse. With so much processing power is available to be faster and more intuitive controls for video games on a laptop.

Before throwing it into the consumer market, Intel plans to provide 100 prototype chip prototype to researchers to develop software that specifically honed for 48-core chip. Intel itself will provide further information about the 48-core chip at the International Solid State Circuits Conference, in February 2010 in San Francisco.